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HotAir Conferencing is a fast growing, plain speaking Australian conference call service provider.

Our customers include some of the largest corporations and government departments through to the smallest associations.

They choose HotAir because they are tired of paying high prices or need to upgrade to a conference call service they can always depend on to work and sound good.

So, whether you are looking for great prices, a company that is easy to work with or a special application, we probably have the right service for you . . and we say probably because we really do believe in plain speaking. That's why over a third of our new customers are through word of mouth.

Easy to use teleconferencing

It's easy to start or join a conference call once you have setup an account:

  1. Dial a telephone number
  2. Enter a PIN
  3. Start talking

Conference calls when you need them

Hold your meeting with up to 30 lines at any time without making a booking. If you think you might need more lines, tell us.

Record your conference call - FREE

Record the conference call and download the recording minutes Record a teleconference after the meeting ends. If someone missed the meeting, just email them the link to download the recording. Most companies charge between $30 and $100 for making a recording and listening to it. With HotAir, recording your teleconference is FREE!

Create your account online  or call 1800 157 313

Excellent sound quality

Effective meetings require everyone to be heard clearly. That's why unlike other low cost services we use the highest grade telephone lines, not the internet or discount phone services. With HotAir Conferencing, you can be sure the sound quality will always be crystal clear, making your conference calls more productive.

A service you can depend on

HotAir uses the same ultra reliable equipment as the world’s largest Conference Call Imageteleconference service providers. We also have back up systems, this means that you can be sure the service will always be available when you need it. So whether the conference call is internal or with your most important client you can depend on HotAir.

Guaranteed to work every time

HotAir is the only conference call company in Australia with a quality guarantee. If your meeting does not go ahead or is compromised because of something controlled by us there is no charge for that meeting. Read more.

How am I charged?

There are no set up fees or ongoing charges and you only pay for what you use.

Each conference call is charged per line per second (most providers will charge you more by rounding up to the nearest minute). Invoices are sent once per month by email and if you use a credit card your payments can be automated.

Create an account online now  or call 1800 157 313

Is HotAir good value?

A Google search will show that HotAir is half the price of services from the big names companies like Telstra and Optus but several times the price of many other services.

With HotAir you get the ultra-reliable service you can depend on without paying the premium for the big name.

Why does the service cost more than some of the companies I can see online?

HotAir has been providing a teleconference services since 2005. We have grown rapidly and gained benefits of scale, but to provide a service at a lower price we would have to cut corners Cheap Conference Callsthat would reduce the reliability and sound quality of the service.

Price is important but not as important as knowing the service will always work properly and always have great sound quality.


What does a conference call cost?

The charge is calculated per line per second, so the more lines in the meeting and the longer it lasts, the more the conference call will cost. You will only pay for what you use and there is no flagfall or setup cost.

A typical teleconference taking place during business hours, that lasts 60 minutes with 5 lines all dialling a 1800 (toll free) number will cost $75.00 + GST. This is approximately half what the other companies providing business grade (reliable) meetings would charge.

How am I invoiced?

Invoices are sent once per month by email. They show the connect time and cost of every line that was in every conference. This makes it possible to assign costs to departments or projects or just confirm you have been billed correctly. Telecoms companies often bill incorrectly so we give you the tools to keep us honest.

You can see a sample conference call invoice here

Can I have more than one account?

If you have more than one person/department that needs to hold conference calls you can give them all their own conference facility.

This is much easier for you to manage and makes it easier to track costs. Please call us for further information: 1800 157 313.

Mobile phones and joining teleconferences

When a caller presses a number on their phone, it makes a tone and the receiving system knows what number that tone represents.

If the line has poor sound quality or the tone is very short the conferencing system will not know what button is pressed.

For mobile phones with variable sound quality, this can mean that your callers often can’t successfully enter the PIN.

Why is HotAir better for callers on mobile phones?

Uniquely, if the caller cannot successfully enter the PIN (during business hours) they are answered by an operator who will place them into the teleconference.

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Download a brochure

Easy to setup

Complete our online form and we will send your teleconference account details within 30 minutes (during business hours). If you need an account even faster than this, please call us.
Alternatively call us on 1800 157 313 (you can expect to speak to a person right away, no waiting and being told how important your call is) or .

Creating a conference call account with HotAir is free and does not commit you to anything. You can use the service as much or as little as you choose.

Get Started - create an account now  or call 1800 157 313

Need to know more?

If you are not sure what you need or are concerned about how we can be so cheap without cutting corners, please call us 1800 157 313.

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